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Eye Diseases



The natural lens in the eye gradually becomes less clear as we get older. When opacities develop in the lens and the lens gets too hazy, vision will be impaired. Our office can diagnose and manage cataract care. When the cataract affects the vision to the extent that you cannot read or see distant objects comfortably, we will recommend cataract surgery. Our office co-manages with cataract specialists that are proven experts in cataract surgery. Cataract surgery can provide you with a bright new world of vision.






Glaucoma gradually destroys the optic nerve tissue in the back of the eye. The greatest danger of Glaucoma stems from the fact that the disease is painless and without obvious symptoms until significant irreversable damage has occurred. The most common cause is from pressure being too high inside the eye, but vascular disease and other diseases can also cause Glaucoma. We always monitor for Glaucoma during eye health examinations. Routine tests include checking the pressure of the eye, screening for peripheral vision defects and analyzing the appearance of the optic nerve. Our office itilizes the latest Zeiss Cirrus H.D. ocular coherence tomographer for early and acurate diagnosis of emerging Glaucoma. This early diagnosis and treatment helps preserve normal visual function in this leading cause of preventable blindness. If you are diagnosed with Glaucoma, we typically prescribe medications that lower the eye pressure. Most forms of Glaucoma are successfully treated with eye drops. Laser treatments and eye surgery are secondary treatments that offer alternative ways to treat more advanced Glaucoma.